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What is UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil

perlWhat is UltraCell CBD Hemp Oil1

The UltraCell line of CBD Zilis designs products to help deliver CBD to its users. CBD is a known lipophilic (fat loving/water hating) drug product, which causes the body to have poor absorption of the drug product. An advanced drug delivery system is needed to avoid this problem. One way that UltraCell separates itself from other brand is by the inclusion of micelles and liposomes. This mimics the human body’s cell walls and allows drug products to enter easily. The hemp found in these products is certified by the US Hemp Authority and conduct certificate of analysis for all their products to identify what cannabinoids are present.

The Science Behind Liposomes and Micelles2,3

The human body”s cell walls are composed of what is known as a lipid bilayer. This is a structure made up of molecules that have a water loving side and a fat loving side. The fat loving ends of the two layers face one another and have the water loving sides on the inside of the cell and on the outside of the cell. This allows only certain drugs to pass into our cells but makes it difficult for fat loving drugs like CBD to pass through meaning no effects occur.

Micelles are made of a single layer that is folded in on itself. This layer causes the fat end to be on the inside and let fat loving drugs to be loaded into it. This allows the micelle to fuse to the human cells and deposit the drug in question. This allows the drug to be deposited between the lipid bilayer and then allows the drug to fuse out into the cell easier.

Liposomes are made much more like our cells and are considered superior to micelles. This product is also a spherical product like micelles but is made of two layers like our cells. This causes the liposome to fuse easier because the liposome opens and deposits the drugs directly into the cell body to allow it to have an effect.

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How do They Work Together?4,5,6

UltraCell has constructed CBD products that allow both micelles and liposome to be administered together. UltraCell has a patented process that allows them to combine both micelles and liposomes together to allow for the best drug delivery of CBD possible. This is a process known as seeding.

Seeding is when a drug uses multiple delivery mechanism to deliver a product via a nanoparticle such as liposomes or micelles. Researchers seed another nanoparticle to fix problems related to a particles size, destruction, or other problems a drug face. Studies have shown that micelles can be infused into liposomes to improve the delivery of a drug. These products are sometimes called hybrid micelles or micelle mediated nanoparticles. The micelles can be hidden inside the liposomes and allows more of a drug to be loaded overall.

Researches have used these hybrid micelles to determine their effect on lipophilic anti-tumor drugs. The study in question, found that the patients receiving the products had a higher concentration of the drugs being administered. It is believed that the product works be allowing the liposome to enter the cell and then releases the drug in the micelle into the cell as well as the micelle contained in the liposome. The micelle can then open and deliver more of the drug over time. Depending on the product, this would mean that a sustained release of a drug could be achieved. Another explanation is that the liposome would be destroyed before the micelle if the body tries to destroy the product.

It is hard to evaluate the formation of the micelle/liposome products used in Ultra Cell because of their proprietary patent on their product. However, it can be assumed that their product would function in a similar way.

How Does This Benefit You as A Patient?

The addition of liposomes and micelles can allow a product to become hydrophilic, meaning it would allow the drug to be absorbed easier by the body. This would result in a lower dose needed to have the same effect as a drug not using this delivery method. It would result in a lower overall cost to you as a patient because you would be able to stretch the product longer over time compared to others on the market. This also helps topical products to be more like a lotion/cream than a balm or gel. This would also result in better overall absorption than some balms on the market, and to feel better to the touch.


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