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CBD and Skin Conditions

Many patients in the world will at some point have skin condition, whether that be dermatitis, psoriasis, or scars. What researchers have seen, is that the receptors that CBD can hit, are also present on the skin. Topical CBD has been studied to determine it?s use for skin conditions since it would only work on the skin and not affect the rest of the body. The study in question, used CBD from a hemp strain known as Manfigera Indica, and incorporated chamomile and various other ingredients to form an ointment for easier application. This not only made it so the CBD oil would sit on the face in the ointment, but also hydrated the skin and create a soothing effect. This not only help the Research has shown that individuals with these conditions have better, if not fully resolved, symptoms when using CBD. The CBD lowered inflammation, pain, immune related conditions, and overall quality of life.

CBD works on various receptors in our body. Some receptors, such as COX-1 and COX-2, regulate the pain and inflammation that is present in the human body. CBD also has unique receptors that no other topical product can hit. These receptors, A2A, TRPV1, and serotonin 5HT1, all regulate the bodies response to irritation and inflammation. We can see a larger abundance of these receptors when our bodies experience pain, irritation, and immune conditions of the skin.

CBD can also be used with your other medications as well. A separate study compared the use of topical steroid prescriptions with or without CBD for psoriasis. After one year of use, those who used CBD with their topical steroids, had a significantly lower amount of office visits. Patients who used CBD also saved ~$2,000 in that one year from not needing additional medications or visits. Whether you use it alone or in combination, CBD oil and topical preparations can help repair and maintain your skin.

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Written by Alexander Sperry,

Medical College of Wisconsin ? Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate 2021

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