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Cooling Lotion

Ananda Professional's CBD-Infused Cooling Lotion is formulated with nutrient-rich full spectrum hemp extract and potent botanicals that work harmoniously to nourish and revitalize the skin. Experience cooling sensations and relaxing aromatherapy throughout the day with high-quality essential oils. Leaping Bunny  Cruelty-Free Certified glyphosate-free  Glyphosate-Free 100% Non-GMO  100% Non-GMO Made in USA  Made in USA

Spectrum Salve

Experience the soothing power of hemp with this full spectrum Topical Salve - a thoughtfully crafted blend of healing herbs, essential oils, moisturizing shea, coconut, and Ananda full spectrum hemp extract. Designed for instances where topical application is preferable, this salve contains 125mg of active cannabinoids infused with Non-GMO coconut oil, beeswax, ginger, and essential oils.
100% Non-GMO  100% Non-GMO     Lab Tested  Lab Tested Certified glyphosate-free  Glyphosate-Free    Seed to Shelf  Seed to Shelf